Consider Liz Angeles your personal Wellness, Beauty and Longevity Expert.  Conveniently located in the heart of beautiful downtown Santa Monica.

Born and raised in the wholesome, hippie town of Healdsburg, California, Sonoma County’s Russian River was Liz’s playground until her mid-teens, when she relocated to the bright lights of Las Vegas.  Passionate about health and fitness since the age of 18, she began teaching aerobics during the height of the Jane Fonda fitness craze in the early 80’s.

Obsessed with fitness, she continued her studies for two years at UNLV, majoring in Physical Education with a Minor in Dance.  The next two years she would major in Romance Languages studying French, Spanish, Latin, and minor in Theatre Arts.

In her early 20’s, Liz pursued her acting and modeling career, bringing her relocation to Los Angeles.  After just two years, she quickly became disillusioned with the trappings of Hollywood and ultimately felt unfulfilled and uninspired.

Not long after becoming licensed and certified as a Massage Therapist, she went on to become a Masseuse to the Stars for over a quarter of a century in every corner of Los Angeles.  Some of these high-profile celebrities included Sir Ben Kingsley, Former Vice President Al Gore and the late, great Tupac Shakur to name just a few.

In 1995 Liz became a licensed CSR (Court Stenographer) in both California and Nevada. Because the legal world was hostile, unfulfilling and spiritually unrewarding, Liz was quickly drawn back to the happier world of healing.

In 2001, she experienced the powerful effects of reorganizing one’s outer environment with Feng Shui.  After studying one-on-one with Sedona, Arizona’s Feng Shui Master, Tony Cuneo, Liz was certified as a Feng Shui Practitioner.

In 2002, Liz became a licensed Realtor in California and again in Nevada in 2003.  In Las Vegas she swore to return to Los Angeles one day and decided to “marry” L.A. legally, and thereby changed her last name to Angeles.  Working in the then booming real estate market of Las Vegas, Liz quickly became disillusioned by the hostile environment of greed, inconsistent authenticity and overall lack of integrity.

In 2003, Liz ventured further inward and studied Bikram Yoga, completing the 60-day challenge.  Concurrently, she continued creating a prolific collection of inspiring, uplifting and meditative paintings which became yet another driving passion.

From 2005 to 2008, she marketed and sold natural supplements for Natrient and personally opened over 200 accounts nationwide.  It was during this time she was naturally exposed to every health product under the sun.  In 2009, she was the top sales rep for where she sold featured listings to all things green, sustainable, natural and organic.  Delighted by this environment, it exposed her to even more of her favorite things.

When the economic crash of 2008 ended Goodlife, Liz was hired as Editor for ABILITY Magazine … A short time later, at 44 years old, she met the man with whom she would quickly and suddenly conceive a child. . . Talk about “ability,” YES!  It CAN happen.

In 2015 Liz published her first book 45 and Pregnant – How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally.  For over three decades, now in her 50’s, Liz Angeles has explored and marketed countless healthy products and practices.  This journey has fueled her mission to help others self-soothe and co-create their own holistic wellness regimes for body, mind and spirit.

Today, as a Wellness Director, Healing Artist and Home Birth Advocate, Liz wishes to share her comprehensive website that houses her favorite practitioners, natural products and effective practices to assist those on the path towards ideal health and wellness. In 2016, your resident “Purist” has assembled for you “The Trifecta of Wellness.”  Discover the healthiest organic non-GMO superfoods, the cleanest high-alkaline ionized water and most powerful natural remedies from all over the globe.

Today, Liz is venturing with her daughter back into acting and working toward becoming a certified Dream Coach.  After having manifested her own dreams of residing in Santa Monica, pursuing her creative interests, and becoming a mother to a beautiful healthy, happy daughter,  Liz Angeles would like to help you make your dreams come true.

Currently available to promote your powerful innovative products or speak publicly at your event, Liz welcomes you to explore and find your way to a more vital, more beautiful and BLIZFULlife.

In 2015 Liz published her first book 45 and Pregnant – How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally.



Wellness Coaching

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Customized Healing Sessions

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Certified Dream Coach

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  • Client Testimonials

    "Her spiritual and therapeutic approach turns a regular massage to a transportation of mind and soul. She is gifted, loves what she does, and it really seems she is channeling love and healing. I've never felt so transformed after a massage."





Vitality Starts with what our bodies consist of:

Proper Hydration, Oxygenation and NURTIENT RICH SUPERFOODS!


Healthiest Drinking Water

Nothing in 20 years has given me the vitality that Kangen water has.  I was perpetually exhausted for five years.  I had a child at 45, so chasing a 5-year-old when you’re 50 will have you seeking out every option to generate energy.  Nothing else worked like this one small change.  I now have the energy I had in college and I have since doubled my energy, work load and income.  I have heard countless stories from others on how this water has healed just about every health issue you can imagine.  It makes good sense, since we are almost 80% water.  You can also empower yourself by cleaning your home without chemicals with the other three types of waters the machine creates from your own tap.  There is a lot to learn about water, but I’m here to help you!  Start by watching my wellness water demo in the Videos tab.


Cleanest Air

When you don’t have Kangen Water available, the award-winning Puritii™ Water Filtration System delivers the cleanest possible filtered water.

When you are traveling and need to drink from a less-than-ideal source, our patented triple filter removes toxins, destroys pathogens and leaves your water safe, clean and fresh.

The Puritii™ Air Purification System is highly efficient, pulling air through the filtration stages more quickly and quietly than many larger systems. With its DC motor, it also decreases energy usage up to 50% versus AC-powered purifiers.


Best Bath Water

I love long baths and so does my small child.  But who wants to soak in chlorine?  It’s so toxic and bad for us!  We know that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment, so let’s start showering and bathing in alkaline water that also restores minerals into our skin.  Our skin is our largest organ – and a carrier; not a barrier.  With ANESPA by Enagic – the same company that brings you KANGEN water, you can now create your own mineral hot springs every time you bathe or shower.  This water will moisturize your skin and hair and also energize you.  You can have peace of mind during your own long hot soak or when your children are in there playing for as long as they desire.


Forest Bathing

Tired of breathing in pollutants and toxic environmental air?  How would you like to breathe in the therapeutic air and a proven history of life-enhancing benefits?  Inhaling those terpenes is known as “Forest Bathing.”  Unlike topical oils or household diffusers, MONQ directly inserts aromatherapy into your olfactory system.  When you pick up a MONQ, you’re holding the key to an ancient wellness art, enhanced for the modern age.  Rather than smoking or vaping tobacco or cannabis, try addressing your health concerns with a MONQ.  My friends and clients love these!  Delicious scents and flavors include: Happy, Healthy, Vibrant, Active, Sleepy, Sexy and Zen (my personal favorite). Currently the only retailer in Southern California, you can stop in my Santa Monica location today to purchase them, or contact me to receive special discounts.  Learn more on their site.


Farm-to-Family Superfoods

PURE PREMIUM Organic, Live, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free SUPERFOODS are now available to us in a quick easy form so you can get it in your body and get on with your dream life.  Come discover what, why and how at a Healthy Happy Hour hosted by your Hostess with the Mostess… Liz Angeles


These are my FAVORITE Supplements!


This turmeric is harvested in Okinawa where people live the longest, away from the current of Fukushima radiation with Kangen ionized water, comes in a gel cap and contains many other oils and vitamins our bodies need.  I can’t begin to count all the stories I have heard of people who have healed their pains, cancers and sensitivities.


I had NO IDEA what I was stumbling on to when I thought I would add Aromatherapy to the mix. Essential oils of this quality and purity, harvested from the optimal places all over the world have the most powerful healing benefits and we have them at our fingertips. We are truly rich and truly blessed to have access to the most wonderful smelling remedies that have appeared to work instantaneously.

I discuss this product at length in my book, 45 and Pregnant. I took this sea water supplement every day of my pregnancy and nursing. My child developed so beautifully and I had zero complications. To this day, she is phenomenally healthy. Learn more by clicking below, and contact me to purchase at a reduced price.


Catie Wyman-Norris and her partner Dr Tony O’Donnell are two of the best experts I have met on proper nutrients for the body. I know them well and how hyper vigilant they are about organic, Non GMO, gluten-free, plant based, etc.

This product is unbelievable in terms of what it can do to protect you from viruses, including HIV, Herpes, Colds and Flus. It has been shown to bring down the viral load in patients with HIV. Order the Humic Fulvic.


Offers a genius method to get organic fruits and vegetables into your children’s bodies.  Even if you are an adult who doesn’t enjoy eating fruits or vegetables, they provide a full-day’s serving in capsules or yummy gummies, as well as delicious shakes and bars that are also vegetarian, gluten free, non-dairy and low glycemic.



Purium and owner/formulator David Sandoval brings you the cleanest, most effective skin care system on the market.  You won’t find another system that addresses the internal and external causes of skin aging.  NO harmful ingredients.  Get 5 levels of purity and enjoy noticeable results or get your money back.  Experience true skin rejuvenation… from the inside out!

JOUVE provides an instant face lift and improvement over time, teaming perfectly with the solution to our other top complaint – dark spots and pigmentation with its partner, the brightening cream.  Completely safe, natural, non-toxic, EWG verified and Leaping Bunny certified.  Weekly demos. Also available to spas, salons, yoga studios, and retailers with customers demanding only the best.

Imagine Chanel meets Whole Foods. Premium quality makeup and skin care with high standards of clean, safe, nontoxic, chemical and fragrance free. Also formulates superior kid’s products of high integrity and quality. Founded by a Santa Monica Mom who was tired of subjecting her children to toxic products on the market.

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

I woke up at 3 a.m. with such horrible pain in my hand I could not move my wrist at all. One recommendation led to another and I stumbled on to Kangen (again) and after being re-introduced to it 10 years later, this time I listened more carefully and experienced the water first-hand. Was I ever blown away by how much my pain went away with this water and the Turmeric made by the same company. . . It’s been around for 40+ years and the machine that provides active hydrogen will give you a glass of water that has the same amount of anti-oxidants as a case of blueberries! Talk about anti-inflammatory. Truly remarkable.

Pain typically stems from inflammation. For centuries the oldest cultures have used turmeric in all of their foods to produce optimal health. The care taken to produce this highly powerful and pure UKON turmeric will amaze you with its pain relieving benefits. You can also google and find hundreds of studies how this has helped shrink cancer tumors.

Wait until you hear the stories about all the healing that takes place when you are properly grounded. If you don’t have time to ground yourself daily for a minimum of 15 minutes by connecting to Earth energy with your bare feet, then you need to sleep with a grounding mat on your bed and/or a grounding pillow case. I am now sleeping deeper than ever. This helps your pain, mood, inflammation, skin, blood … it’s a one-time fix for a multitude of ailments.

This has magnets and infrared covered in a yummy bamboo pad that is heaven to sleep on and if you are in a place where you can’t plug in a grounding mat, this will be the ideal substitute for flying or driving.

This machine is what helped me heal when I woke up to extreme pain where I couldn’t even move my wrist. I couldn’t even make my daughter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! I had developed DeQuervains disease due to overuse. After three times a week for two weeks, I decided to purchase my own machine and I honestly feel every household should have their own. One chiropractor I know charges $45/5 minutes and has people coming in all day long because it’s INCREDIBLE! Now that you know you can own your own… here is how you can get one and save $50…

I am just in love with this product. In 28 years as a healing artist, I have yet to see anything work so well — topically. I especially love the roll on to keep in my purse or at my desk for pesky neck, shoulder and low back pain. But don’t take my word for it. Read all the testimonials on their web site!

When I hurt my hand and vacillated on the steroid shots, I asked all of my friends on FB to pray for me. Three different people recommended Deep Blue by doTerra (which made me pay attention and take a closer look.) Now I’m in love.

I send all of my clients who are in acute pain to Gadi Kaufman. He has the magic touch and can help you completely relieve muscle spasms and nerve pain. They don’t call him the “Nerve Whisperer” for nothing!

Two years ago, when I threw out my back, it was so hard to find anything to completely relieve my pain – it was excruciating. Rolling over in bed was a chore. Even narcotics didn’t do much. When I found this sauna and spent 30 minutes in it, it was the first time in WEEKS I had experienced relief from that pain. One day I will own one, and you can come try it for yourself. If you want one for your home, I can introduce you to the local manufacturer so you can try it first-hand. He is a genius and an angel.


For the Best Massage Therapists in Los Angeles, focusing on the West Side:

The following are all of my favorite local chiropractors I have used and loved for many different reasons at many different periods of my life. I highly recommend all of them. For any detailed reasons or to determine the best fit for you, please call me or come in for a free consultation.

Ray Janfaza, DC Brentwood
Brandon Takahashi, DC West LA
Takahashi Chiropractic
Michael Karr, DC West LA
Michael Zalben, DC
Dr.Richard Reise, Santa Monica
Carlos Rodriguez, DC Santa Monica


Nelson Liu
I have been going to Nelson Liu for over two decades. He is like a landmark. Someone who is always there. My rock. My relief. My Zen master. He’s a character. He really knows his stuff!

Julie Jordan
Julie treated me when I was pregnant. She is lovely, delightful and talented. She also does muscle testing and recently zeroed in on my root issues. She represents Standard Process herbal supplements. They work amazingly well.


Dan Bienenfeld, Pacific Palisades
I was always under the impression that rolfing would be far too painful for me. When I threw my back out, I was referred to Dan and OMG, do I ever LOVE this man! He is beyond incredible. He never hurt me and is intuitive enough to know when he would be inflicting too much pain. He even mentored his son Jesse to carry on the family practice. He wrote a book Align For Life and has been practicing for over 30 years now. He is well worth every penny.


My best friend moved to New York and took a MELT class at the Peninsula hotel. She said it was the first time in years she didn’t have arthritis pain. That sold me! I bought the whole bundle. I love her method and products. A great way to self soothe at home or work on your own without having to get constant treatments.

blizful-weightlossWeight Loss

PURIUM has the fastest and easiest weight loss system on the planet. Lose 5-20 pounds in just 10 days while you detox and re-set your metabolism. Previously touted as the 10-day celebrity transformation, it’s The ONLY NON-GMO All Organic Superfood cleanse! Offering chemical-free farm to your family, Live, Vegan, Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free and KOSHER nutrition.

Harvested hundreds of miles from pollution, and no heat is used to dehydrate so you retain maximum nutrition. Adding water makes it live whole superfoods. Where can you get this many amazing ingredients into your body? I call it “astronaut food” because I can just add water and get the world’s best nutrition without having to spend all the time and money shopping, soaking, slicing, dicing, blending, cleaning etc.

The Super Amino 23 caps are pure pre-digested plant protein that absorbs in just 23 minutes, providing sustained energy all day long, allowing you to cut out your coffee addiction. The Apothecherry tart cherry concentrate (with naturally occurring melatonin) helps you get the deep REM sleep your body needs to detox your nerves of waste products, removes carb cravings and attacks free radicals while you sleep. Call Liz today to learn more and receive a $50 coupon.

Trifecta of Wellness


You want the cleanest purest drinking water for your family.  You want maximum hydration, high alkalinity, anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-aging, healing, Ionized water.  Whether it’s KANGEN drinking water or ANESPA mineralized bath water, ENAGIC brings you both, as well as UKON Turmeric to protect, heal and energize you.  KANGEN machines are certified medical devices providing chemical-free home cleaning and unlimited anti-aging healing waters, keeping your family healthy and the environment free of plastic bottles.


PURIUM is the fusion of Pure and Premium Organic, Live, Non-GMO Superfoods, delivering gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, pesticide-free and Kosher plant proteins, vegetables and fruits, featuring the 10-day transformation (formerly known as the 10-day celebrity transformation to get red-carpet ready – and the only all Organic Non-GMO Superfood Cleanse.) PURIUM was created by the author of the Green Food Bible, Dave Sandoval and his partner Amy Venner. Most people who experience PURIUM products in their bodies change how they eat, feel and live and become lifetime customers.  Once they begin to experience diminished carb cravings, sugar cravings, deeper sleep, enhanced focus, they also report being able to wean off of coffee, anti-depressants and other medications just by fueling the body with the most high-alkaline, high-frequency live food sources available.


Perhaps like you, I once thought essential oils were overrated overpriced oils to simply make the room smell better.  I had no idea the powers I was missing, whether physically, mentally, mystically, spiritually or even for holistic home care, I was shocked by how many quick and effective natural remedies and multiple uses I had at my fingertips once I armed myself with a healthy sized kit.  My long-time wellness pal and I became so inspired and delighted by this already ancient apothecary (but recent Western discovery), we decided to co-author a book, the Good Witches pocket guide to essential oils.

Mind and Spirit


There isn’t much I love more than creating a custom piece of art that pulls the whole room together. I assess color, theme, style, size and go to work…. And then VOILA!

Check out my paintings here and my other favorite artists in Los Angeles and Las Vegas who I know and love . . .

Liz Angeles Frank Strasser Annie Flatley
Terry Ritter Jennifer Main


First book by Liz Angeles:

45 and PREGNANT – How I Conceived and Delivered Naturally.

The Good Witches of Essential Oils


This year I discovered a meditation I could actually use.  It’s so hard to shut down the brain of someone who has nonstop thoughts.  It’s no wonder my daughter can never stop talking.  I can never stop thinking.  But amazing things happened when I discovered HOLOSYNC.

I became more patient, focused, less stressed, more present, more competent in so many ways.  Life just got easier.


My first time ever finding a meditation I could chill out to.  Heather really knows how to guide you and relax you.  She gets it.  I love her “Be Still and Know.”

Heather Hayward


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